Announcing PropertyRadar
BETTER Foreclosure Search and ACCESS to ALL California Properties.

ForeclosureRadar California Customers, UPGRADE for FREE!
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Features – Included in $49.95

Foreclosure Search

Find exactly what you want. Faster. And with greater detail. That’s what professional foreclosure search delivers. Use over 60 parameters — including search by lender and owner name – you won’t get with consumer-focused tools. More Info

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Foreclosure Auction Tracking

ForeclosureRadar actively tracks auctions daily. Only here can you find out if a property is still in foreclosure, and if not, what happened — postponement, cancellation, or sale. The most trusted source for auction tracking in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. More Info

Auction tracking is MORE ADVANCED for CALIFORNIA Customers using the new Trustee Sale Schedule in PropertyRadar . Learn More

Foreclosure Software

Work faster, smarter and more effectively with powerful, web-based foreclosure software seamlessly integrated with your ForeclosureRadar account. Track all your properties and evaluate opportunities from one place. More Info

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Real Estate Lists & Data, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, WashingtonForeclosure Lists & Data

Work with more confidence and less risk knowing that you have the most current, most complete foreclosure information on the planet. Our exclusive daily auction updates and property details will keep you far ahead of the competition. More Info

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Get what you need anytime, anywhere — and before anyone else. ForeclosureRadar proactively alerts you to new foreclosure filings matching your detailed criteria, opening auction bids, auction results and changes to properties you’re following via email or text message.

Foreclosure Search for your Website

Generate more leads and be the foreclosure authority by adding complete foreclosure search toyour website. Preforeclosures, auction properties and REO’s are displayed using an intuitive map interface — and updates are automatic!


Work faster and smarter anywhere with our iPhone, iPad and iPod apps. Professional-grade foreclosure search now goes with you to the courthouse steps, on tour, or to wherever your business takes you. You can even add notes and photos to properties!

Market Analysis

Make smarter decisions with less risk. Get key metrics down to the ZIP Code level. Create custom market reports and embeddable widgets that establish you as a foreclosure expert. Our unique market analysis tool does it all!

Title Search

ForeclosureRadar is your one-stop shop for title research. We make it easy to look up property taxes, view and manage the transactions history including transfers and loan position, look-up liens, and even upload your own title documents.




Advanced Alerts – $79.95/mo

Instant emails or text messages alert you to opening auction bids, auction results, changes to properties you’re following and more. If you need the right data fast, this tool is for you

  • Leverage the saved searches you’ve configured in ForeclosureRadar with advanced alerts, which gives you full access to all of the 60+ search criteria ForeclosureRadar offers.
  • Get notified about new opening bids prior to the trustee sale.
  • Don’t wait until the end of the day to be notified. Get an immediate email or cell-phone text message.
  • Streamline your business process by automatically saving the found property with a specific status or tag.

Document Images – $3/ea

  • Until now you’ve been forced to waste time at the county recorders office pulling documents. ForeclosureRadar makes it easy to maximize your time and minimize your risk by ordering document images instantly online.
  • Recorded document images are delivered instantly to your computer for only $3.00 per document. Order and view Document Images directly from the Transaction History Details on the Property Details page. Parcel maps are available from the Location Panel on the Property Details page.

* Not available in all counties.

Team Accounts – From $99.95/mo

  • Teamwork requires good communication. With a ForeclosureRadar Team Account you are allowed multiple simultaneous users so everyone on your team is working together all of the time.
  • As an Investor you need your team to be quick, efficient and thorough. A ForeclosureRadar Team Account allows you to have team members uploading photos from the field, researching title, watching for new opening bids, and updating your financial analysis all at the same time. Now you can be sure to have all mission critical data at your fingertips as you stand on the courthouse steps preparing to bid when there is absolutely no time to waste.
  • As a Realtor you need your team to be busy generating leads, working escrows and sharing information with one another all of the time. With a ForeclosureRadar Team Account no team member needs to be idle, ever. Farm for new short sales, check foreclosure status on listings, help your auction investor client, preview new REO’s, and upload photos and documents into your account all at the same time. Being prepared and productive always is more important today than ever to maintain your competitive edge.
  • There is no “I” in Government Agency. Whether you are battling blight, enforcing code violations, abating nuisances, working with law enforcement or serving any other important public purpose, you aren’t going it alone. You have a team and you need to communicate and share information with your team members. With a ForeclosureRadar you can always work together because you can have multiple users on the account at the same time. A Team Account may be just what you need to get the job done.
  • It’s easy to sign up for a Team Account. Simply go to My Account and click the Billing Tab. Then click Change Plan and choose your Team Account in the pop-up window and Update. If you have more than 5 team members needing access at the same time, please let us know and we can help get you set  up with a larger team account.

Printing and Mailing – As low as $0.15/ea

  • Reach out to homeowners, investors and potential clients before anyone else. Use quality foreclosure data in unique marketing materials. It’s doable — easily — using our RadarPrint service

Announcing PropertyRadar
BETTER Foreclosure Search and ACCESS to ALL California Properties.

ForeclosureRadar California Customers, UPGRADE for FREE!
GET MORE for the SAME LOW PRICED VALUE, $49/mo. Learn More.

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